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  • SOAR In The Media

    SOAR members are involved in raising awareness about domestic violence and building communities where domestic violence is no longer tolerated.

  • Community Presentations

    At schools and community centers, SOAR members provide presentations
    about the dynamics of domestic violence.

  • Policy Priorities

    SOAR members are very active in advocating for laws that protect victims of domestic violence and their children.

  • Support SOAR

    Please help support our work to eliminate domestic violence in Rhode Island.

  • Join SOAR

    SOAR recruits, trains and empowers survivors to use their voices for change.


Giving voice

SOAR is a grassroots taskforce of domestic violence survivors dedicated to lending their voices to change the systems that oppress women, while educating the community about the dynamics of domestic violence. We were originally formed in 1989, when a group of domestic violence survivors vowed to move on from their inner healing, so that they could address the root causes of domestic violence and the solutions necessary for change.

We came together with a defined mission in mind, to promote, advocate and work towards the elimination of domestic violence and to embody and give visibility to the voices of abused women.

Since 1989, SOAR has grown to more than 100 members. Members have worked on a variety of projects that enable the voices of domestic violence victims to be widely heard. SOAR has worked on everything from public media campaigns to changing legislation, not only for survivors but also for their children who are affected by domestic violence.

To fulfill the mission of the taskforce, SOAR members actively work in three different areas:

1.  Systems change: SOAR has led and participated in different projects that aim to create systemic changes that ensure procedures and safeguards are used to promote victims' and children’s safety. Click here to learn about our current project.

2.  Legislative Activism: Each year our Legislative Platform attempts to address issues that affect domestic violence victims and their children. SOAR members are very active in reviewing legislation and lobbying to create laws that will protect victims about domestic violence and their children.

3.  Community Education: Members provide trainings and presentations to schools, colleges, and community centers to raise awareness of domestic violence dynamics.    


Our group holds meetings on a regular basis. At these meetings, we plan our public education and outreach, discuss legislation, organize events, and work towards achieving the goals that SOAR members have chosen. At each meeting we provide childcare, transportation and food.

Finally, SOAR recruits, trains and empowers survivors to use their voices and experiences to challenge and change the areas that continue to be barriers to keeping women safe and maintaining violence-free lives.