Cali Laura Rep Tanzi[May 25, 2018] – Lobbying in its purest form is a conversation. It is the act of talking to elected officials about issues that matter. As a member of SOAR, I am active at the Rhode Island State House. I testify at committee hearings and make my voice heard through engaging in discussions with my legislators in the General Assembly.

I lobby for change and to be proactive. At Community Advocacy Day last week, a group of us spoke to our legislators. They were invested in what we had to say and interested in listening to the words of survivors. I want elected officials to be more mindful and aware of the hurdles we face as survivors of domestic violence. One of those hurdles is learning how to work within the judicial system. Abusers sometimes have the ability to navigate this system easily, especially if they have the money for good lawyers or other resources. When we use our voices and experiences to lobby for change, we are a unified voice. We can change the world.