Laura Self Defense Group

[July 29, 2019] As a member of  the Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Task Force through Care New England, a group that is all about information gathering to create best practices through the healthcare network, self-care is an important component. I decided for April I was going to have a Sexual Assault Awareness training through Day One RI and put together a self-defense workshop for women.

I asked Ichiban Karate and Fitness if they would be interested in helping to educate women during Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Kaela Dionne was happy to set it up to use their facility. Kaela wanted it to be a way to give back to the community as well and decided it would be for a donation to the Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County (DVRCSC). I spoke about my experience with bystanders and emphasized that any small help, such as lending a listening ear or encouraging words, can help one get to a better place. I did not take part because I injured my knee, but I did watch and was able to get pictures of the workshop. I appreciate Kaela Dionne for hosting the workshop and instructing the self-defense. Everyone actively learned in this safe environment.

- Laura