We ALL Deserve Healthy Relationships

Cortney TDVAM[March 2, 2020] Many survivors start experiencing abuse during their teen years and know first hand how important it is to prevent teen dating violence. Throughout the month of February, Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month, SOAR members led community members, advocates and RICADV staff members, in the creation of a video series about healthy relationships. SOAR members and advocates recorded videos of themselves discussing what healthy relationships represent and look like to them. These conversations focused on trust, gut instincts, privacy and boundaries, consent, happiness and acceptance. The messages were clear: We ALL deserve relationships that are healthy, kind, and safe!

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"Helping Hearts" Lifts Spirits This Holiday Season

Helping Hearts Donations[December 31, 2019] Even with the festive lights, gifts, and music, the holidays can be a difficult time, especially for families who have experienced trauma or loss, or who have survived domestic violence. Despite what some people may believe, the effects of domestic violence don’t simply stop once an abusive relationship is over. The impact violence has on emotional wellbeing, physical health, and finances can be long-lasting, affecting families even months or years after they are no longer in a violent relationship. According to the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV), survivors who are able to escape domestic abuse frequently face challenges in obtaining long-term independence, security, and safety because of factors including ruined credit scores, inconsistent employment histories, and legal issues caused by the abuser.

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Looking Ahead with Hope and Ambition

IMG 1186 2[December 23, 2019] In November, SOAR members convened to address an important question, one that rises to the top among staff members and supporters of the RICADV:  What are SOAR’s priorities for the next legislative session? Following an incredibly exciting and successful legislative year, where SOAR members helped pass crucial legislation to protect all children through temporary restraining orders, everyone saw the positive change and action that stems from asking SOAR members this very question. In a passion-driven conversation including about 18 SOAR members, a few key themes surfaced.

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A Survivor's Response to the Domestic Violence and Firearm Surrender Report

[November 12, 2019] The following blog post is a response to the Everytown Domestic Violence and Firearm Surrender Report released last week. wordcloud SOAR

As a survivor of domestic violence, the results of this research are terrifying. When I began my attempts to leave my abuser, he made detailed threats about murdering me and murdering others with his gun. He expressed confidence in knowing how to get away with murder even if I got a restraining order against him. He told me I couldn’t trust the courts to protect me. At the time I thought it was another one of his manipulations. After reading this article, I’m thinking he was right.

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Women Talking Money

Women Talking Money Patricia[August 5, 2019]  I facilitated a "Women Talking Money" discussion for the women at Comprehensive Community Action Program (CCAP). The main topic was budgeting. We talked about how to cut corners in spending. I used the example of how we could make coffee at home or at work instead of spending $2 or more at the coffee shop. I had them calculate how much it costs in a year and how they can create a savings by putting that money in a jar and cashing it in for a Christmas fund or an emergency fund.

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