High School Student's Senior Project with SOAR

Kathy Student SOAR

[July 29, 2019] As a student at North Providence High School, I wasn't quite sure what topic I wanted to do for my senior project. The main goal from this project is to gain a lot of information on a topic you find interesting, especially because the entire assignment takes place over the course of nine months. For my senior project, I wanted to research domestic violence. In addition to the research I have been asked to do, I had also been required to meet with a mentor, or an expert within the field of my selection. I asked Kathy McCormick, who is member of the SOAR (Sisters Overcoming Abuse Relationships) taskforce with the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence, to be my mentor.

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Women’s Focused Self-Defense Workshop at Ichiban Karate and Fitness

Laura Self Defense Group

[July 29, 2019] As a member of  the Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Task Force through Care New England, a group that is all about information gathering to create best practices through the healthcare network, self-care is an important component. I decided for April I was going to have a Sexual Assault Awareness training through Day One RI and put together a self-defense workshop for women.

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Laura’s Story: Talking About Economic Empowerment at the YMCA

33425647 10216041061042376 7832393019155283968 o[June 8, 2018] – Laura is a regular at her local YMCA (the Y), so she knew it would be a safe and welcoming place to share her knowledge and experience with gym-goers. Last week, instead of heading up to the gym equipment as usual, she set up a table where people could stop by to learn more about domestic violence and financial abuse. Over the last few months, SOAR members have been hosting similar small “Women Talking Money” events across Rhode Island.

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We Can Change The World

Cali Laura Rep Tanzi[May 25, 2018] – Lobbying in its purest form is a conversation. It is the act of talking to elected officials about issues that matter. As a member of SOAR, I am active at the Rhode Island State House. I testify at committee hearings and make my voice heard through engaging in discussions with my legislators in the General Assembly.

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Our Legislative Priorities

Legislative Priorities Postcard 2018 fair wages front forweb[May 11, 2018] – A central part of SOAR is legislative advocacy. Our activism within SOAR has allowed us to use our experience with domestic violence to bring about change in our community. 

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