SOAR is a place where survivors can use their voices to help end domestic violence. To inquire about joining SOAR, please fill out our Contact Us form or contact Claire Day DeHaven, SOAR coordinator, at

Through SOAR, survivors come together to learn, grow, and support one another. As a task force of the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence, SOAR members work collaboratively to protect victims and their children, hold abusers accountable, and build a safer world.

SOAR is a member-driven organization. Members are an integral part of SOAR’s leadership, establishing the vision and direction of the work. SOAR focuses on leadership development for its members so that they feel supported and empowered to use their voices to create real change.

Patricia - HavenTalks 4.21.23

Your Voice Matters

“I am strong, and I know the
power of my own voice. I am
part of a group of survivors
that have overcome the odds
and are taking action.”

Book Launch 10.18.23

Learn New Skills

“Through SOAR, I have built
and confidence to
about change. I’ve learned
much from my SOAR sisters.
We share each other’s successes.”

Moving Ahead

“SOAR is nothing like a support
group, but through the work we
do together and the sisterhood
here, I found a support I never had.
I love my SOAR sisters.”

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

SOAR is not a support group. We are a group of survivors who are actively working to end domestic violence. However, SOAR members find support in working with other survivors towards a common goal.

No prior activism or advocacy experience is required. We will work to get you ready to do the work of SOAR.

To join SOAR, you must be a survivor of intimate partner violence, which includes dating or domestic violence, and you must no longer be in the abusive relationship. While the effects of domestic violence are long lasting, it is very important that SOAR members and their children are currently safe and out of any immediate crisis situations, and that they have taken and continue to take steps toward personal healing and empowerment.

SOAR conducts monthly meetings for its members, where regular attendance is required. There are no other mandatory time commitments. You can be as active as you wish or are able to be.

The meetings are working sessions where we discuss existing projects, plan for new initiatives, strategize with the RICADV, and talk about the many different issues related to SOAR’s mission. We often use meeting time to build our members’ skills and capacity to help them reach their personal and advocacy goals. Our meetings also give us the opportunity to strengthen our relationships and be in community with one another.

SOAR staff does their best to arrange transportation to allow members to attend meetings and events. We are also able to provide gas cards to help offset the cost of attending SOAR activities. Meetings are also offered in an online hybrid format so some members can join from zoom.

Yes, we provide childcare for all SOAR meetings. We do our best to provide childcare for those events and activities that are open to children.

You may fill out the form on our Contact Us page, or feel free to contact us at 401-467-9940.

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